“Clint Cabiness and myself met many years ago with my first start in the publishing world 25 years ago. Clint was friendly, hardworking, and passionate about design and marketing then, and is a powerhouse in the industry today. I am proud to have Dialed-In Media Group and their team behind my publication and website. Thanks to their passion, commitment to quality, experience, and eye-catching banding through design, poured a solid foundation under my publication. Tow Professional is the industry leader in our market, thanks to Dialed-In Media Group and their commitment to our success!”

–  Darian Weaver, Owner/PublisherTow Professional


Creative services


Our graphic design services utilize the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content in an effective visual way. Dialed-In Media Group is a full-service graphic design studio for all your creative needs. We have assembled a talented group of graphic designers to help our clients exceed their design goals. Dial-In Media Group utilizes the latest software and technology to ensure that all your artwork will meet the needs of today’s creative industry standards. 

There is no limit to what you can get designed at Dialed-In Media Group. Whether you need an out-of-this-world illustration, beautiful print designs, or engaging digital marketing assets, our exceptional graphic designers can make it happen. Dialed-In Media Group is your design solution built to keep up with evolving technological needs.

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Graphic Design


Corporate Identity

“I have been a tourism professional for over 45 years and had the privilege to work closely with Clint Cabiness of Dialed In Media for over 20 years of my career. Clint has assisted me in the majority of my ad campaigns by being the creative power behind my ads, from graphic design and layout to social media and print media. He has made the “design” and “idea” parts of my projects flawless and attractive. I highly recommend Clint Cabiness for your projects, small and large.”

–  Tynette Lynch, CHAHospitality Business Solutions



Our website and digital services focus on creating user interfaces and other digital assets for a more appealing user experience and efficient management of digital content.


The importance of a well-functioning website in today’s instant search world is vital to your company’s first impression to a potential client. Whether you need a simple informative website or a complex e-commerce website, Dialed-In Media Group can create a website that can deliver the performance and impression that you need.

Utilizing the latest in SEO optimization and web development software, Dialed-In Media Group’s web and digital services strive to be ahead of the curve. We can assist in building and maintaining the website or setting it up for your company person to maintain.


Digital assets have become more important today in terms of getting your message out to the masses. Dialed-In Media Group can create digital assets such as leaderboards, banner ads, buttons, display ads, eBlasts and eNewsletters. We can also create interactive and downloadable flyers, brochures, sales/marketing materials, and interactive catalogs and magazines that can be shared on your website or through social media. 

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Website Design


Digital Design

“I would highly recommend Dialed-In Media Group for all your graphic design and website work. They go the extra mile to make sure their work is of the highest quality and always exhibit the utmost professionalism in everything they do.”

–  Alan Reyes
Associate PublisherBusiness Xpansion Journal 



With over 30 years of marketing experience – we can communicate your brand’s message. We have expanded these offerings to take advantage of social media platforms to build brands, increase sales, and drive traffic.

Dialed-In Media Group can plan, develop, and implement the best practices to get the most out of the major social media platforms. This includes creating targetted campaigns, optimizing visual assets for use on social media, creating engaging content, and more.

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“Clint has assisted with me with land sale ad campaigns for years and always done a fantastic job! I am always impressed with the layout, design, and professional quality of his work. Clint always gets the job done way before a deadline. I would highly recommend Clint and Dialed-In Media to anyone needing assistance with graphic design, marketing, and print or social media. “

–  Jessica L. Little,  Larson McGowin Properties, Forestry Manage & Consultant



Providing editing, writing, proofreading, and additional services to companies and a wide range of organizations and individuals. Let us assist in writing your newsletters, articles, or other editorial copy.

Through our expansive network of editors, Dialed-In Media Group can handle your editorial needs. If you need a proofing service or editorial direction, planning, and writing we can help. Our word-smiths can help you convey your message and tailor it to your audience. Our Editorial Services can also include transcription of manuscripts, interviews, meetings, podcasts, and other audio sources.

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“Clint and the team at Dialed-In Media Group continue to deliver quality graphic design service to our team no matter the format we require. Surprise projects or well thought out strategies, it does not matter, as they are easy to work with and deliver quality products on time.”

–  Chandlar GrahamBrokerLarson McGowin Properties




Our extensive experience in custom publishing, includes Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) magazines, books, and manuscripts.


Dialed-In Media Group can assist you with your publishing needs. We have extensive experience in magazines in both print and digital. 


If you need a book published we can help. We have assisted in publishing books that have been printed in smaller limited runs to larger national distribution through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. 

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“Clint and Nick at Dialed-In Media Group designed me a fantastic website for a small business owner like myself. This website has help grow my business every year and I feel it’s because of the websites look and functions that they created. I highly recommend them.”

–  Tina MitchellOwnerTina The Critter Sitter



We offer a wide range of printing and production services including business cards, brochures, calendars, catalogs, flyers, trade show displays, and more.

With over 35 years of experience, Dialed-In Media Group has worked with several printers both on local and national levels. With these long-established relationships, we can match your job to the printer that will be the best at getting you the desired results at a cost-effective price.

Most printers have their own requirements and specifications for any printed project. Dialed-In Media can eliminate the confusion. DIMG utilizes the latest technology as a standard, so we can meet and exceed the requirements for all print companies. 

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Video content can be vital to your business strategy. Promote your brand’s identity with engaging video content that can be utilized in your social media or other marketing campaigns.

There is no doubt that videos can help convey your message to current and potential clients. With the use of video introductions, you can further brand your business. We live in a world of technology where you can shoot video at any given time or location. DIMG can help advance your company’s message and further cement your brand’s identity in. your video content.

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With over 30 years of experience, our team can provide valuable insight, guidance, and advise you on the best practices for graphic design, web development, and social media for your business.

Graphic Design, with our experience our team can provide the consultation and planning needed to navigate the ever change graphic design technology along with creative guidance in devising a plan on your message.

Website Development can be a crucial tool in today’s technological devices. We can help navigate this process by directing your company on the best method to achieve the best results. 

Marketing/Social Media is an effective way to direct your marketing message with proper use of social media. Dialed-In Media can help guide you in navigating the various marketing and social media platforms from a cost effective to a paid distribution of your message. Our experience can help obtain those desired results.

Editorial consultation and planning services help direct you, your message, and Dialed-In Media’s experience group of editors can help your staff execute the message.   

Publishing your book, magazine, catalog or manuscripts can be extensive measure. With our years in publishing we can guide you in the process from local to nation distribution along with matching you up with the right vendors for your publishing needs.

Printing is one of your biggest expenses when you are needing on a massive scale. We can assist on matching you up with the write type of printer for the job you require.