AUTO LEGACIES, the first print publication of Dialed-In Media Group, is currently looking for more cars and trucks for consideration to be included in this upcoming series of “coffee table” hardback books.

We are passionate about cars and the stories behind them, and what they mean to the owner. Each car’s own legacy includes its production history, and what makes it special to the owner, whether it is the story of a father-and-son project that built a stronger relationship, the dream car you had as a child and now own and hope to hand down to your son or daughter one day. An AUTO LEGACY represents the fact that cars and trucks are not stationary, their stories are always driving forward.

There are many stories about “cars and their history” and we would like to hear yours.

Want to submit your car or truck for consideration to preserve your Auto Legacy in the upcoming coffee table book?

Please, take a few moments below and fill out the forms and include a brief 1,000-word story about your vehicle’s legacy or history to be considered.

Space is limited, so submit your car or truck today!

What is Your Auto Legacy?

Auto Legacies

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Up to 1,000 words on your car's details or history that make it unique to you, the owner.
Brief description of your car or truck's specifications (Motor, Transmission, Interior, Modifications, etc.)


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A father and son
Sedan Delivery

This 1954 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery is a father-and-son project that started in 1986 and continues today. Cars have had significant meaning for many familes. Every car or truck has a story and a legacy that it carries from owner to owner.


About the Book
Auto legacies "Cars & Their History"

As a young boy and son of a drag racer from back in the 1960’s it’s easy to say that I was born into the car culture.  I remember when I was barely able to see over the dash  (before seat belt and car seat laws) my dad and I playing the game of what make, model and year is it.  I still find myself doing that to this day. Over the years of meeting other “car people” like me and enjoying their stories, I felt that a book that tells these real stories would help cultivate a generation or even help develop the next generation of “Car People”

Inside this beautifully designed book, it will cover a wide range of cars and trucks and their history from the owners. There will be some family legacy along with cool stories from, original owners to father-and-son bonding projects to passing it on from generation to generation. The stories will be as interesting owners and the cars themselves. 

So if you are a car guy or girl or even a car enthusiast this coffee table book is a must have. Makes for a great Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s day or Birthday gift. Pre-Order yours Today

A must read for the car enthusiast in You!