Who We Are?

We put great ideas to work for you.

Dialed-In Media Group is a graphic design, website design/management, publishing,  print broker,  and other digital media company focused on putting great ideas to work for you.

At Dialed-In Media Group our focus is to produce the best designs and creative services to ensure the desired results for you our client. We strive to make sure that your ideas are created in such a way that your success is our success.  Our team of graphic and web designers utilizes their combined experience of over 35+ years to create a solution for your needs.

No job is too large or too small.  If you need a logo, advertisement, corporate identity, direct mail, magazine, website, or a project created or printed – Dialed-In Media Group can be your one-stop shop for all your creative needs.

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Dialed-In Media Group is the parent company to a few other entities. 

RacingEquipmentNews.com is our first digital publication. With a passion for cars and racing there was a perfect fit to create an all digital publication that focuses on racing equipment for all types of racing from street to track and road to off-road. Be sure to check it out and subscribe today! It’s a FREE subscription.

Auto Legacies is our series of coffee table books that will start to release in fall of 2023. The books will contain, “Cars & Their History” accounts of cars and their history and what they mean to the owner and the legacy the will live on for these car people and their family member.

Volume 1 of these books will have a special dedication section to my father who set the ground work for me. This series of books will be a Must Have for that car enthusiast in your family. Be sure to check out AutoLegacies.com to order today.

We are excited to announce that we have a new digital publication coming out in 2024.  Stay tuned for more details….